NRI Pathshala

With the blessings of Muni Shri 108 Praman Saagarji Maharajshri,

Pramanik Jain NRI Pathshala classes are available

NRI Pramanik Pathshala

Glimpses of Pathshala activities and links

Australia and Eastern Counties, classes are commencing from 22nd March, 2023, enroll fast !

America and Europe, Pathshala Classes are scheduled from September 11, 2023 – June 2024.

It is for all age adults, teens and young kids of age 3 onward where they imbibe Jain knowledge and values in creative and fun way.. 

We highly recommend all age people to register in these classes. 

This program is being appreciated worldwide by all as it is designed creatively to imbibe Jain Values.

NRI Pramanik Pathshala Class Schedule

PS Level- 0

AGE- 3-6 yrs

  • Wednesday-7 PM EST / 4 PM PST, OR
  • Thursday-6:30 PM EST/3.30 PM PST


  • Saturday-11 AM EST / 8 AM PST

PS Level 1

Core Class

A). AGE 6-12 Years

  • Thursday-7 PM EST/4 PM PST, OR
  • Saturday-11 AM EST / 8 AM PST

B). AGE 12+ Years

  • Sunday-8.15 PM EST/5:15 PM PST

PS Level 2

AGE- 7-12 yrs 

  • Thursday 8 PM EST

Level 3

AGE- 8-12 yrs 


  • 8+Years:

Friday 8 PM EST and

Sunday 12 PM EST

  • 13-18 Years:

Sunday 8.15 PM EST

Adult Classes

  • Basics of Jainism

Wednesday– 8PM EST/5PM PST

  • Chahdhala

Tuesday-8 PM EST/5 PM PST

Bhaktamar ji Class

AGE- 8+ yrs 

Elective Class

  • Wednesday-7.40 PM EST/4.40 PM PST, OR
  • Sunday-11.40 AM EST/8.40 AM PST

Bhaktamar stotra meaning and recitation

Bhawna Yog Class

Elective Class

  • Wednesday-7 PM EST / 4 PM PST, OR
  • Sunday-11 AM EST / 8 AM PST

The medium of teaching is in Hinglish

Hindi Class


  • Level 0– 8 PM EST
  • Level 1– 7:15 PM EST
  • Level 2– 8:45 PM EST


  • Level 3: 8.30 PM EST


  • Level 0– 11:30 AM EST
  • Level 1– 1 PM EST
  • Level 2– 12:15 PM EST 

Online Summer Camp 2023 (NRI Pathshala)

NRI Pathshala is coming up with Summer Camp from July 10th – Aug 11th, 2023

Hurry up register now!

Parliament of World Religions, Aug 14-18, 2023 in Chicago (NRI Pathshala)

For 15 + & adults faith based life changing experiential workshop, Universal Values for transformational Living” based on Jain Wisdom created in the guidance of Industry Leader of this field.

Please register on their website ASAP

Registration Form For America and Europe
Registration Form For Australia and Eastern Counties